Dairy Herd Shares

About Our Program –

We have a dairy cow sharing program that entitles you to a share of the milk produced.  The milk is raw and not homogenized.  We do herd shares rather than shares in a particular cow so that everyone keeps picking up milk even when some of the cows are dried off.  We strive for a 100% grass-fed herd but do supplement with a small amount of non-GMO feed that does not contain antibiotics when necessary for the health of the cow.  I ask our prospective herd share owners to come for a tour before buying a share of the herd so they can meet the cows and discuss with us our management practices and also take home a sample of the milk. 


Costs -

The share fee is $35 per share ($17.50 for a half) and this fee is one time and fully refundable if you ever want to sell back part or all of your shares.  You can expect to receive about a gallon of milk per week if you purchase one share or a half gallon a week for a half share - these amounts are approximate and for planning purposes only because of the nature of sharing programs you are not guaranteed a certain amount of milk.  You'll pay a boarding fee of $28 per share ($14 for a half) each month that will cover the care of the cows as well as the labor involved in milking, bottling, and cooling your share of the milk.  We also offer the shares available in other forms such as raw yogurt for an additional labor charge.  We bottle the milk in half gallon glass canning jars which you may provide or purchase from us at a cost of $3 per jar - this fee is also one time and refundable if you sell back part or all of your shares.  We'll need two sets per share - one set goes home with you filled with creamy goodness and the other set stays here to be filled with next week's milk.


Pickups -

Pickups are weekly.  You'll pickup here at our farm located on the north-west side of Evansville (2739 W. Mill Rd.) or you can also arrange to pickup at Children's Center for Dance Education on Vogel Rd. where my daughter takes dance classes (CCDE follows the EVSC calendar). 


Jar and Lid Care -

You'll be responsible for returning the jars and lids each week rinsed and ready to be washed and sterilized.  Avoid using either hot or cold water until the milk solids are removed - lukewarm water is best.  Please wipe the date and your name off the lids but don't wash them with hot water or scrub them.  If the marker doesn't come off easily just leave it and I'll get it off. 

How to Sign Up -

We do not have shares available at this time.  Please email Gwen at spoodles927@gmail.com if you'd like more information or would like to be put on the waiting list.

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